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    Entry fees and sightseeing tickets will require local cash. Be prepared!

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    It will cost you 10% extra to exchange money at the airport. Be smart-buy-your currency before your departure.

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    Bell hop

    Tips abroad is appreciated in the local currency.

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    Bus and taxi fares usually need to be paid in cash.

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    Use the train to go quickly from city to city. Local cash buys your ticket without problem.

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    Hotels abroad may change currency - but it will cost you. Arrive prepared with local cash.

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    European trams are ideal for sightseeing but cash is required to buy the ticket.

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    For a night on the town, be prepared with euros, pounds, or yen.

Foreign money

If you will be traveling outside of the U.S soon, you might want to think about exchanging your U.S currency to foreign money prior to your trip. Use Foreign Money to buy euros online and other international currency. Changing your currency once you arrive at your destination could result in extra fees, as high as %10 more. Order foreign money from us to better prepare yourself for international travel and free yourself from the hassle of exchanging currency at a higher rate than normal.

Buying foreign currency should not be a daunting task, and you can make it easy with Foreign Money. Once you’re back from your trip, our online money exchange makes it easy to exchange your international money. Our foreign money exchange can help you get back to life efficiently, safely and quickly. Use Foreign Money for all your money exchange needs.

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  • Changing your travel cash once you arrive at your destination could cost you, as much as 10 % or more!
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  • When you return, we’ll help convert your foreign money back to US dollars with ease!



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The man-made wonders of the world were created by man in different countries around the globe. Planning a trip to one of these wonders requires putting together the right type of travel package and obtaining international currency before you depart on your adventure. If you have never traveled internationally, it is recommended to visit the locations as part of a guided tour group rather than on your own. An experienced tour guide knows all about the particular man-made wonder, and any interesting facts and other details to make learning more about the site and location easier. On the other hand, if you are a well-seasoned traveler, you might opt to visit the location on your own with your loved ones or friends. Prior to visiting the site, take the time to learn more about its history, construction, and other details so you can impress your traveling party with all sorts of interesting facts.