About Us

After a 25 year career in various executive positions with major Foreign Exchange organizations such as Deak-Perera and Ruesch International, Lars Hansson opened his own operation, International Currency Express, Inc. in 1997.

If you have ever arrived abroad realizing that you need local foreign cash for a cab ride or your first meal, you will realize the importance of the service we offer.

While there are many aspects of the foreign exchange industry, International Currency Express has concentrated on the banknote business and has emerged as the premier banknote dealer in the US.

 Our aim is to offer the very best customer services and the absolute best rates of exchange, domestic or foreign. No effort is spared in our efforts to make currency exchange easy and to help travelers arrive prepared and save money.

Our services are needed all across the country but only available in a few select cities, so in order to reach as many of you as possible, instead of investing in expensive retail locations, International Currency Express offers convenient On Line services from its headquarter in Beverly Hills.

With the use of technology and the ever growing Internet, we are able to process and execute your orders as efficiently from Lubbock and Lincoln as from Los Angeles and New York.

Our Website is available 24/7.

Surrounded by a staff of Foreign Exchange Experts, Mr. Hansson and International Currency Express, Inc. offer foreign exchange services to individual travelers as well as corporations, banks and credit unions.

Service, Convenience and Savings are all prime objectivities.