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Affiliate programs

  • Our fast and easy implementation of our programs, you can start earning commission within two days
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Your website generates leads for you on a regular basis. With the already existing traffic to your own website, your program will turn those leads into sales in a short period of time.

Every order placed from your website will count for your commission. We stock well over forty currencies which are made available to everyone through the website.

We have stretched it a bit more for you. If your clients are unable to place orders online, simply have them call us and give your promotion code to ensure your commission.

Your Advantages

  • Discounted rates to be competitive within the foreign exchange market
  • All orders are 100% insured
  • A complete stock of all traded foreign currencies
  • Discounted shipping costs

To get started

Our programs take no time at all to set up.

  • Call 888.278.6628 to set up an account
  • Email us your information to set up an account
  • Print and complete the form and fax it to us

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