Commission For Individuals


Looking for ways to make money?

We've got the answer; FOREIGN MONEY.

Millions of people travel abroad each year. Most pay excessive rates and fees by doing their foreign money exchange at airports, hotels, or money exchange kiosks when they arrive at their foreign destination.

For EVERY completed sale of at least $800* US worth of foreign currency, we will pay you $10, in cash! All you need to do is tell your referral to say, "Your name, referred me.

Have a website, blog, or social profile? By offering our services online, you hardly need to do anything else.

What's more, we will pay you an additional $2 for every referral, regardless of the purchase amount.

We have a variety of banners for you to post on your website or showcase on your blog or social profile.


Set up an account today by emailing us at:

* Based on average purchases by OTC and web clients.

Terms and Conditions:

Referral transactions must be completed and delivered to qualify for commission
Cancelled transactions will be deducted from the commission payment
Payment for all processed transactions will be sent at the beginning of the following month
The balance of $800 must be reached prior to shipping and insurance costs for packages being shipped
Referral discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts, specials, or promotions extended by International Currency Express.