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When visiting London, it is relatively easy to find out what shows are playing in the West End, what art exhibits are shown in which museum and which restaurant is an absolute “must” to eat in.

London is huge, so getting to these various places may not be so easy and without some advanced planning, the cost of the transportation may just make it impossible for you to pay your restaurant bill.

Cabs are exorbitantly expensive and the 5 pound cost of an individual bus or tube ticket is hardly a bargain either.

However, help is on the way. At practically all tube stations you can buy an “Oyster Card” valid for anywhere from one to seven days. This transportation card offers 50% discount on bus and tube fares. No need to stand in line to buy a ticket every time you want to go somewhere, and these ticket lines are invariably long.

Even better is buying a “Travel Card”. A seven day “anytime” card with unlimited travel will only cost about 50 pounds. This particular card must however be bought on-line in advance.

Visit the site of the “British Tourist Board: at and all your questionswill be answered.

Happy Travels

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 If you're getting married this year your wedding folder must already include this small list:

Wedding List

Guest List
Flower Girl
Ring Bearer



Save the Date
The Rings
Wedding Dress

Wedding Planner
and more...

But what about the honeymoon?

Here's a small checklist for your International Honeymoon:

  • Budget - Yes, this too will require a budget, but probably not as extensive as your wedding budget. 
  • Passports - Make sure your passports are up to date. Some countries require the expiration date on your passport to be no less than six months from your travel date. 
  • Visas - Many countries require a visa, even if you're not staying for more than two months.
  • Make copies of important documentation - In case of any unforeseen incident, having backups of your credit cards, passport, itinerary, or other important information is strongly advised. Make sure to bring along the international toll free number to your bank in the event that your credit cards are rejected.
  • Travel Arrangements - These days couples can make their own travel arrangements by going onto websites like Travelocity, Livewire, Kayak, Tripadvisor, Orbits, or other similar websites. For those who are not as tech savvy as others or don't have time to book their own, there is always a friendly travel agent ready and willing to lend a helping hand, for a slight cost of course.
  • Purchase your plane tickets - Don't leave home without them, no really, you won't be allowed on the plane otherwise.
  • Book your hotel - Find a place that is close to where you plan to visit. While you may be going to Rome, hotels and villas may be extremely expensive within the city, but neighboring cities may have hotels offering discounts or simply lower rates to attract you to stay with them.
  • Pack your bags -  Make a check list of all the things you will need. Find out what the weather will be like for most of your stay. What season of the year is it where you are headed?
  • Money exchange - While this isn't as important for many, it is a necessity. You will be paying for much of your honeymoon with your credit card. Meaning there will be plenty of finance charges being accumulated while you book all or most of the things mentioned above. Tacking on cash advance fees or international convenience fees will take away from your honeymooning budget in a hurry. As a rule of thumb, always have a back-up payment option for small things.

Will the happy couple be in search of adventure in a South African safari or perhaps never-ending romance in Rome, Venice or Paris?

The sole reason for this list is to prepare you for a pleasant trip. Leaving any of these items for the last minute could result in lesser discounts and take away from your travel funds.

Plan ahead and buy your foreign currency at discounted rates of exchange. Follow us on twitter or Facebook for discounted rates of exchange or special promotions.

Congratulations and have a safe flight.

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Taking the rate by the numbers


When trying to convert dollars to a foreign currency, most clients ask, "how can I convert my dollars to the foreign currency?'

The answer isn't always simple, not because it is complex, but simply because it's, math, numbers, and foreign currency all mixed into one equation.

If you have $100 dollars and you're looking for Australian dollars with a rate of 1.2039 per dollar, how do you do the math?

Because the rate is expressed in "per-dollar" format, the equation will read, USD x Rate = Foreign.
So, let's take 100 (USD) x 1.2039 (Rate) = 120.39 (Foreign).

Take the same $100 US dollars, but now you've been given the rate of .8306 per Aussi dollar. Now what? If you were to multiply this, you would get 83.06 Australian for your $100. What you need to do is divide, not multiply.

 Now, we'll take $100 (USD) divided by (/) .8306 (rate) = 120.39 (Foreign).
Did you see that coming or did was your mind blown?

Like stated before, it's not complicated, it's just math, numbers and foreign currency.

Every time you hear "per-dollar", you will multiply and every time you hear "per (foreign currency)", you will divide. 

Note Worthy:
When you have a currency that is valued higher than the US dollar for example Euro and British pounds, you will need to do the inverse of what you just learned. Have fun with that one.

Now you're well prepaired for any foreign trip. 
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