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London by Tube

When visiting London, it is relatively easy to find out what shows are playing in the West End, what art exhibits are shown in which museum and which restaurant is an absolute “must” to eat in.

London is huge, so getting to these various places may not be so easy and without some advanced planning, the cost of the transportation may just make it impossible for you to pay your restaurant bill.

Cabs are exorbitantly expensive and the 5 pound cost of an individual bus or tube ticket is hardly a bargain either.

However, help is on the way. At practically all tube stations you can buy an “Oyster Card” valid for anywhere from one to seven days. This transportation card offers 50% discount on bus and tube fares. No need to stand in line to buy a ticket every time you want to go somewhere, and these ticket lines are invariably long.

Even better is buying a “Travel Card”. A seven day “anytime” card with unlimited travel will only cost about 50 pounds. This particular card must however be bought on-line in advance.

Visit the site of the “British Tourist Board: at and all your questionswill be answered.

Happy Travels

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