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I70th Cannes Film Festival Coming Up in May...

 Here are some of the ways our ICE clients summed up the Cannes film festival…
  • A maelstrom of sleep-deprived business.
  • Hysterical, overrated, unfriendly environment.
  • The single greatest networking event on the planet.
  • The world championship for collective humiliation.
  • Digging through a skip of muck trying to find a diamond ring.
  • Alcohol, vapid film chat, alcohol, loads of business cards, surreal experiences.
  • Stressful, fun, exhausting, lots of late nights, lots of time wasters and deluded indie film types.
  • Over 100 scheduled meetings, a couple of hundred brief encounters, lots of preparations of lots of homework to do after.
Be sure to take Euros to the festival.  Most on-site exchanges charge up to 13% on cash conversions. Contact

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