Corporate Services

Our Corporate Currency Services Make a WORLD of Difference.

If global travel and connectedness are part of your business, you need International Currency Express.

When your business competes around the world, make sure you're playing—and paying—on a level field. International Currency Express gives you access to global currency at the best exchange rate.

Whether business takes you to Toronto or Tokyo, we make it easy for you to arrive prepared. So while your competition is waiting in line, coping with jetlag, and trying to calculate the math, you'll be hailing a taxi and tipping the hotel staff—in plenty of time to request that favorite suite.

Of course, you could exchange currency elsewhere—if you don't mind paying more. At International Currency Express, our rates beat the hotels and the airports virtually every time. Why pay more for your money? With International Currency Exchange (change to Express), the smarter rate is built right in.

Discover all the advantages of our global currency services:

  • Protect your biggest investment—your time. Don’t let currency exchanges turn into a global scavenger hunt. We’ve already done the research for you. So you can invest your time and energy on building profits.
  • Say goodbye to long, drawn-out international transfers. Law firms with global clients and locations need to stay fiscally prepared at all times. Our service helps you achieve just that.
  • Never, ever overspend. If you’re a buyer of global goods and products, from art to apparel, you probably know that the best discounts go to clients who pay cash. Don’t let the need for higher sums of foreign money keep you from getting a bargain. Our special service for high-denomination currency is designed to keep more of it in your wallet.

Upgrade to convenience, discretion, and global readiness. To find out how our Foreign Money On Demand program can save you money and make your business more competitive, call (888) 278-6628 or apply right online.