A different kind of Ski Lesson….


Alta Utah, where you can not only become a better skier, but a better person as well.

Kristen Ulmer, extreme sports pioneer and former U.S. Ski Team member, has been running Ski to Live for the past nine years.  It is a three-night, two-day ski camp “that promises to be transformative while including almost zero technical instruction.  There is no talk of stance or edge angulation-it is your mind that is getting trained.”

During her professional skiing career, Ms. Ulmer was known for pushing the limits.  In 2003, in the middle of a promising career, she decided she wanted something more.  With the philosophy that the separation of good from great is the mind, she started ski camps that focused on the mental game.  After partnering with Zen teacher Dennis Merzel everything fell into place.

The camp is for varying levels of skiers and the approach is pretty straightforward.  The basis of the lessons is to simplify your thoughts, recognize your inner voice, and let go.  Somehow, by letting fear happen as you approach a bumpy ski run and losing yourself in the internal voices during the descent, you begin to change you patterns for the better.

Maybe it’s the fresh air, maybe it’s the beauty of the mountains, maybe it’s just spending time alone with your thoughts but, what a wonderful concept to take an often thought of as difficult sport and making it Zen.