Budget-Friendly Destinations


 Everyone seems to be on a budget and rightfully so.

We have all taken a hit in this economy but, that does not mean we have to sit at home and sulk.  There are some really great travel deals out there, you just have to look.  There are also some really great destinations that are a wonder to the eye and easy on the wallet.

Here are six destinations to consider for a budget-friendly excursion. (taken from

1.      Bolivia.  Right next door to the no longer so cheap Argentina lays Bolivia.  Serious bargains for food, accommodations, and transportation can be found here.  Staying just outside of LaPaz is even better.


2.      India.  No longer just for the hippies of yesteryear, more and more travelers are discovering the rich beauty and culture of India.  “The country is large and diverse enough that you can still find bargains if you skip the places that are more overrun by tourists—and even in some of those places the prices remain pretty low.”


3.      Jordan. Of course, the main attraction to Jordan is Petra, the historical and architectural site that dates back to 6th Century BC.  This excursion would be your most expensive at around $80 for a two day permit.  The rest of the country is relatively inexpensive and the history lessons that you will bring back are invaluable.


4.      Albania. All of Europe isn’t overpriced; head eastward for the bargains.  “Albania has a long coastline on the Adriatic and Ionian seas, gorgeous and historic mountain towns, Roman ruins, and a surprisingly good bus network to help you get around on the cheap and inexpensive options for both accommodations and food.”


5.      Columbia. For now, Columbia is still an inexpensive destination. With beautiful stretches of beaches along the Caribbean Sea, colorful towns, and a scenic national park, Columbia is the perfect place to kick back and relax.


6.      Malaysia.  Travelers are flocking to Southeast Asia for the bargains, often visiting Vietnam and Thailand but, beautiful Malaysia is often forgotten.  A relatively inexpensive country that is easy to get around with thanks to discount airlines that fly all around the area.  The best deal in Malaysia is the “mind-blowingly good food.