Exotic Vacations with kids


 New and amazing family vacation destinations this Summer...

Planning a family vacation?  Here are a few suggestions found on Huffington Post that are sure to entice the group, offering once in a lifetime activities that are sure to be cherished and remembered.

From wild safaris for animal enthusiasts and active adventures for families with children who love to move, to mouth-watering culinary encounters for aspiring chefs and the ideal fusion of educational experiences disguised as plain old fun.

Morocco: A culturally decadent country that offers camel rides, surf lessons, cooking school, and sleepovers at Bedouin camp.  Definitely a mystical land that is full of ancient treasures, rural villages, vast deserts and inviting beaches.

Italy: A menu of cultural encounters, hands-on action and educational adventures that make for a life changing travel experience for kids of every age.  From getting dressed up as the warriors of old and testing your mettle at Gladiator school, in Rome to tantalizing your taste buds making pizza and pasta in Florence, to learning about the artistic masters ….this boot shaped country is packed with family flair.

The Galapagos: What a fascinating bit of nature, with seal cubs, penguins, flamingos, giant tortoises, and enormous lizards.  This is the place for exploration with daily hikes, stargazing and snorkeling.

Egypt: An awesome journey that is sure to take you back in time.  Ride camels, tour the pyramids, sample Arabic food, and search for treasure in the bazaars.  Whether you want to cruise the Nile or splash in the Red Sea, Egypt is like a dream come alive.

China: A very family-oriented culture exists in China with many fun and enriching things to do.  You can practice Tai Chi in the park, cruise the Li River, visit rural villages, bicycle the banks of the Dragon River and learn to make traditional dumplings.

Kenya: It’s like the Lion King come to life.  Explore this intriguing savannah and enjoy the time of your life watching hippos bathe, giraffes much and lions sleep.

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