International Fast Food Options...


A few interesting fast food options available around the globe

We all know that there’s a McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC in just about every country in the world, but how does their menu differ?

At McDonald’s in France, the main dessert option is macaroons in a choice of mango or mandarin.  In Australia, “Macca’s” (as McDonald’s is referred to down under) their breakfast menu includes a Rosti Brekkie Wrap; bacon, egg, cheese, fried potato and BBQ sauce all wrapped into a flour tortilla.  India has the most interesting offering with the McSpicy Paneer which delivers Mickey D’s to the vegetarian market.

If it’s pizza you crave and you happen to be in Japan, try the Seafood Pizza from Pizza Hut.  Here you can get toppings of tuna, mayonnaise, squid, and prawn.  When in France, try Domino’s Kebab Pizza….pizza on a stick.

At KFC China, they keep to traditions offering a Breakfast Congee….rice porridge with pork, pickles, mushrooms, and preserved egg complete with a side order of Youtiao (fried dough sticks)

For the coffee lover, Starbucks Japan has a special coffee jelly to top off your Frappuccino and China’s Dunkin’ Donuts provides a savory Curry Beef Donut.

It is no longer just a Fast Food Nation, it’s a Fast Food World.