Bird Flu is back....


The H5N1 virus is still alive and dangerous, and Vietnam is grappling with a new strain that has outsmarted vaccines used to protect poultry flocks.

  Ten people have died in Cambodia, Indonesia, Egypt, China and Vietnam since December during the prime-time flu season when the virus typically flares in poultry.


The H5N1 virus has killed 345 people worldwide since 2003, when it rampaged across large swaths of Asia decimating poultry stocks before later surfacing in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Europe.  The number of poultry outbreaks has greatly diminished since then, but the virus remains entrenched in several countries and continues to surface sporadically, resulting in 20 to 30 human deaths globally in recent years.


~Associated Press, Friday, Feb.17, 2012


There are a few things about the bird flu that we should keep in mind:

·         The bird flu remains hard for people to catch and is difficult to pass from person to person.

·         The bird flu is likely spread via wild birds and in poorly managed poultry farms.

·         There are vaccines and the World Health Organization is continuously working on updates.


Travel to Indonesia, China, and Vietnam has increased in recent years and this news shouldn’t deter any already made plans.  Make an appointment to get vaccinated before you go and skip the roast duck on the menu.