Oh Happy Day...A Sprinkles Vending Machine...and More!


Sweetness in the palm of your hand brought to you by Spinkles

For anyone that has ever been to Beverly Hills, CA, they have surely stood in the seemingly never-ending line outside of the cupcake utopia waiting for their moment to enter the temperature regulated chamber to make the sacrificial offering of $3 just to hold, smell, and ultimately taste this confectionery delight.

As if being hailed as one of the top cupcake makers in the world wasn’t enough, Sprinkles is entering into the world of vending culture. “A -24-hour cupcake dispensing machine at Sprinkles, the Beverly Hills-based Holy Grail of cupcakery” is set to open sometime this spring.

The automated dispenser will vend freshly-baked cupcakes, mixes, apparel and other goods. As if this weren’t enough, the chain is also in the process of opening up an ice cream shop (which will sell cookies and brownies too) next to its original Beverly Hills store.

All the more reason to visit Sunny L.A…..enjoy a day at the beach and top it off with a midnight run to the ACM (automated cupcake machine) J