The Top Destinations of 2011


According to USA Today, the following list pinpoints the Record Setting Tourism Destinations of 2011.

According to USA Today, the following list pinpoints the Record Setting Tourism Destinations of 2011.

1. New York City
- The Big Apple welcomed 50.5 million travelers in 2011. No surprise here, when people think
of coming to the U.S. this is likely the first place that comes to mind with the gleaming lady
liberty along with the hustle and bustle of the city.
2. Gulf Coast, USA
- As hard hit as the gulf coast has been in recent years with hurricanes and oil spills it is
comforting that people are traveling to see this great area of the US and boosting their
3. China
- 27 million tourists ventured to China in 2011. Many of which traveled from USA to
experience this ancient culture.
4. Malta
- This archipelago located between Italy and Africa saw 1.4 million tourists.
5. Cuba
- For the past eight years in a row, two million people have made the trek to “vintage” Cuba.
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6. Los Angeles
- Ah, the city of Angels saw 27 million people in 2011. With new structures and the
underground rail system, L.A. is a great place to have fun…don’t forget the beautiful
7. Croatia
- The Adriatic coast and the famous resort of Dubrovnik have seen a definite increase in
8. Taiwan
- Another Asian country makes the list with 6 million tourists seen in 2011.
9. Sri Lanka
- There was a 31% increase in tourism from 2010. Elephant rides anyone?
10. Vienna
- The capital of Austria counted 11.4 million stays last year.
11. Australia
- A 4% increase in tourism was seen in the land down under.
12. Vietnam
- This has certainly become a tourism hotspot with over 6 million visitors in 2011.
13. Nepal
- The best year ever for tourism was reported coming through the Kathmandu airport with a
21% increase in travelers from 2010.

14. Hong Kong
- Reportedly 42 million people took in the Hong Kong skyline.
15. South Korea
- Saw 1 million more visitors than in 2010. Another great place for culture and history.
16. Toronto
- The largest city in Canada booked 9 million hotel room nights for the first time ever.
17. Myanmar
- An increase in the interest of Buddhism could have played a part in the 26% increase in
18. Macau
- 28 million people visited Macau in 2011.
19. Singapore
- New casinos likely attributed to the 13.2 million visitors, an increase of 12%


As you look to 2012 and begin to make your travel plans, take a look at the fabulous destinations listed
above. Many tourists traveled to Asian countries to experience culture, history and wonderful cuisines.
People are also seeking out places that may not be so “touristy” such as Malta or Myanmar. This list
also shows that travelers are sometimes staying a bit closer to home and simply heading due north into
beautiful Canada.

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