Currency For Individual Travelers

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American tourists are facing two new problems when traveling abroad.

The first is that the US dollar is no longer the universally accepted currency it once was, and local currency is immediately required for initial expenses such as transportation and meals. The US dollar is simply not accepted, so therefore travelers must buy currency prior to departure for international travel.

The second is that practically everything abroad is more expensive than here at home, and that includes exchanging dollars for local currency. Arriving without foreign money will force you to make the exchange at airports or hotels which often will cost an extra 10%. Buy euros, pounds or yen prior to your arrival in a foreign country to avoid excessive fees.

While credit cards may be accepted, they are not as widely used as in the US, and a 3% finance charge on foreign transactions is applied every time a charge is made.

In addition to the above facts, there are several more reasons why you should exchange your money before you go:

  • You will arrive prepared
  • You will receive competitive rates of exchange and save money
  • Your currencies will be delivered, fully insured, to your home or office
  • You will have time to familiarize yourself with the various banknotes and their values

When ordering from International Currency Express, you may select the way you wish to pay and the mode of delivery.

Paying with a check offers you the most competitive rates of exchange, while using a credit card will allow you to add mileage or bonus points to your account. Use our currency exchange system to make your international trip as stress free as possible.

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