Foreign Money On Demand

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The only On-Line foreign currency ordering engine a Travel Agent will ever need

Foreign currency is a vital part of a complete travel package and you can now provide currency exchange to all your clients who travel internationally.

Offer your client euros, pounds or yen; sign on to your account with us, give them a quote and place the order. The currencies will be delivered to your office or we can arrange for shipment directly to your client.

At International Currency Express, Inc. we strive to offer the best services, products and rates of exchange, and you will find that by using Foreign Money On Demand, you will not only provide a valuable service to your clients, but also save them money by offering the most competitive rates of exchange and no service charges.

Our program allows you to earn a commission on each transaction or to pass the savings on to your clients.

To set up your account, please print and complete the application form and return it to us or call us toll free at 888-278-6628.

Click Here to print the PDF form