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Currency Orders for Groups Of Any Size

Few foreign money exchange companies and not one bank are equipped to handle foreign currency needs for travel groups as efficiently as International Currency Express, Inc.

At present, our client list includes numerous school groups, church groups, sport teams, and orchestras and choirs that all make International Currency Express their first stop when traveling abroad.

Many groups travel on a limited budget which makes it essential that they receive excellent rates of exchange and low or no service charges. Most group members exchange their currency while waiting at the airport, where they will pay a premium of 10% and lose a good part of their travel cash in fees.

Any group leader is painfully aware of the difficulties in getting a group of the way again after making a stop to exchange money which is probably the worst since each transaction can be time consuming. Arriving abroad with each member already prepared with local cash for initial discretionary expenses is truly a blessing.

International Currency Express prepares individual packages of small usable denominations for ech group member Orders can be easily placed by the tour leader or travel provider, our services are fast and efficient and most importantly, our rates of exchange are the best available. Obtaining foreign currency at home before departure makes both financial and practical sense.

Contact us, toll free, at 888-278-6628 and we will be pleased to answer all questions and start your order.