Terms and Conditions

The Maximum online order is $2,000. To place larger orders, please contact our traders at 888.278.6628.

Pending verification and processing, orders paid by Credit Card are normally shipped the day after they are received.

Orders paid by Electronic Check will be held for five (5) business days in order to allow the check to clear the bank.

Orders must be received before 2 p.m. Pacific Time in order to be verified and processed the same day. Orders received after 2 p.m. or on weekends and holidays will be verified and processed on the following business day.

Orders will be shipped to clients in the USA ONLY.

Orders will NOT be shipped to a Post Office Box address.

Orders will be shipped to the client's credit card or bank account billing address or to a place of employment. If the billing address is a P.O. Box, the order will be shipped to the client's home address.

A tracking number for the shipment will be e-mailed to the address provided when the shipment is sent.

A signature of an adult person will be required for delivery of all orders.

All orders are prepared with small usable denominations and our ordering system will automatically round the order to the smallest available denomination of the currency requested.


Payment by Echeck offers the most competitive rate of exchange. Orders will be held for five (5) business days to allow clearing of the check. There will be no change in the rate of exchange during this time.

Payment by Credit Card. We accept Visa, MC, American Express and Discover. Credit Card issuer's merchant fee is affecting the rate of exchange, but clients may still elect to use this form of payment since mileage or bonus points may be collected. Credit Card orders are normally sent the day after they are received.

Once a payment option has been selected, the unselected payment option will be disabled. To change the payment option, remove the cookie installed on your computer and start over.


Once the order has been placed, the rate of exchange is guaranteed and there will be no further charges.


Once the order has been placed and confirmed it can not be cancelled on line. Cancellations must be placed with one of our representatives by calling 888.278.6628.

In order to cancel an order without a fee, it must be cancelled within twenty-four hours of placing the order.


In order to provide our service, it is necessary for us to request certain identifying information from you. This is necessary for your protection and to aid us in preventing fraudulent transactions, money laundering and funding of terrorism. We only do this to comply with existing laws.

Personal information collected from clients is NEVER sold or shared with a third party unless required by law.